25 October 2019

Despite all the statements of the Russian officials about an ongoing de-dollarisation, its further extent is under question. Experts have strong doubts that the policy will carry on at a hefty pace. The share of transborder settlements in national currencies is small, as these currencies are volatile and the governments are not prepared to switch to using them. The only alternative is to continue converting export contracts into euros. However, this is not to Europe's benefit on a large scale, as it leads to the strengthening of the European currency and thus affects the cost of export from the EU.

16 October 2019

Despite the numerous shortcomings of the economic and business climate, compared to other countries Russia is a safe haven for investment. Such was a joint opinion of the Russian and foreign participants of the Moscow Exchange Investment Forum in New York. The potential investors look at macro indicators, which set Russia among the most reliable of the emerging markets, experts commented.

08 October 2019

Eight foreign banks have connected to the Russian version of SWIFT, Financial Message Transfer System (FMTS): three of these banks are now fully operational, while five are still in a trial period, the CBR's Director on the National Payment System Alla Bakina told the press.

24 September 2019

Imagine a world where no country but the U.S.A. uses the USD? Each country or group of countries will start using own currency for domestic and international trade, currency based on the economic capacity and not on governmental decrees. It might be traditional money or their own new sovereign cryptocurrencies, controlled by the state. This will no longer be either the U.S. dollar, or its adoptive child, the euro. There will no longer be international transactions controlled by the U.S. banks via the SWIFT, an international system of transfers tied up on the USD. This system allows and facilitates for the United States to implement financial and economic sanctions of all kinds: confiscate foreign funds, suspend trade between countries, blackmail 'disobedient' states, forcing them to submission.

12 September 2019

The idea of creating a "Russian offshore zone" is traditionally met by sceptical voices: the dominant opinion in the Russian media is that nothing would ever make Russian businesses abandon the Channel islands with their added value of the British jurisdiction, British legal system and the ownership rights "guaranteed by the British crown". Why move to Russia, which is considered by some to be a country of an extremely cold, one might say, Arctic-cold, investment climate and a strict regulatory system?

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