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Midland Consult (Cyprus) Limited, beside the Republic of Cyprus, also provides its clients with services for the registration and integrated support of companies in:

  • The jurisdictions, which include the British Virgin Islands, the Republic of Panama, Belize and Marshall Islands;
  • The jurisdictions, like Hong Kong;
  • In other countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, UAE, Bulgaria, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and others.

Our company also offers:

  • Professional company management and trust administration services;
  • Professional director, secretary and shareholder services;
  • Bank introduction support for registered companies, including the preparation of documents for opening accounts, in different jurisdictions;
  • Accounting, bookkeeping and audit services for companies registered in Latvia, Bulgaria and the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Registration of ships and yachts, under the flags of British Virgin Islands, Cyprus and Panama.

Midland Consult (Cyprus) is an official partner of several banks and can act as an Introducer for the preparation of account opening documentation with most Cyprus and foreign banks. The company maintains a highly qualified staff of employees in its offices. This means that the company prepares timely and quality financial statements and tax returns for the companies under its administration.

We pay close attention to the affairs of our clients. By studying every detail, Midland Consult (Cyprus) professionals provide a perfect platform for business.